Guess Whooo Is Turning Twooo? Amelia's Second Birthday Party


It is time to turn back the clocks 3 months and reminisce about Amelia's second birthday party. I think I thought of the theme for this one when I was searching for her first birthday party (which I will blog about another Thursday soon). I saw an invitation with "Guess Whooo Is Turning Twooo?" on it with the cutest little owl and I just thought it was the sweetest and most perfect theme for a 2-year-old birthday. And really there is never another perfect time. You can't do "Guess Whooo Is Turning Three?!?" It just doesn't work. And Amelia loves owls so really it was a big win! I started collecting things for months ahead of time so that I would be prepared. It was more of a forest/woodland owl theme with birch stumps and corkscrew hazel decor. I was actually able to turn a lot of the decor pieces into my Christmas and Winter decor which was perfect. I loved the look in the end! 

We decided to have a family dinner the evening before with both sides of the family here for dinner, cake and presents. Then the next day we had a little party for her and 5 friends. It was a perfect number and went off without a hitch. We played a 'search for the hidden owls' throughout the house, created little owl pom-poms as a craft, ate mini pizzas for lunch and chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting for dessert. Then finished everything off with gifts. It was a great size with only a few friends and Amelia was happy and exhausted by the end of the 2-day event. She was one spoiled little two-year-old! Such generous family and friends! 

I hope you enjoyed some of the photos and maybe get some inspiration for your next party!

xo Anna

Amelia's Guide On How To Be A Sibling

Ever since Molly came home from the hospital, Amelia has been absolutely obsessed with everything about her! It has been so wonderful to see their sister bond begin so beautifully. Molly thinks that Amelia is the funniest thing on the planet and Amelia wants to touch Molly as much as humanly possible. Because Amelia is just so 'keen' on Molly, I thought I would start a series of MEME's inspired by this obsession.

First tip on how to be a new sibling: Proximity is key!

xo Anna